BMW M3 Turbo – Fabrication

As the weather is turning for the better in Calgary, we were inspired to start moving on getting this BMW Turbo M3 going. So we accomplished a lot this week, from a few parts installs to fabrication, this project is starting to look like a car again.

There is lots of fabrication involved in a custom build like this, so we decided to tackle one thing at a time:


We started by mounting the intercooler. This was easier than we expected, as we were able to use the existing metal bumper supports. We welded tabs on the supports, then simply bolted the intercooler to the tabs.

M3 Intercooler 1M3 Intercooler 2

Next with the intercooler piping, which involved figuring out the precise bends to align the aluminum piping from the intercooler to the turbo, and from the intercooler to the intake manifold. This is done by a mockup of where the piping will be, then TIG welding the piping to spec.

M3 Intercooler 4 M3 Charge Pipe M3 Fab 1

The next step was to fabricate custom mounts to mount the radiator to the chassis. So we fabricated 4 tabs, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom to hold the Mishimoto radiator in place. Also you can see in the last picture the relocated coolant expansion tank. We had to re-locate the coolant expansion tank due to the top mount turbo. So we modified a Moroso universal expansion tank to fit behind the radiator.

M3 Radiator Brackets 3 M3 Radiator Brackets 2 M3 Radiator Brackets M3 Coolant Tank

Stay tuned. The last piece to fabricate is the exhaust!