LS Engine Swaps

Haute AG specializes in LS engine swaps in Calgary for any vehicle. We have performed LS engine swaps many times on vehicles such as the Inifniti G35, Lexus GS430, Nissan 240SX, and Porsche 996 to name a few. These engines can be swapped into virtually any desired vehicle. The result is a tremendous amount of power, reliability, and easy maintenance.

It’s really become the new “thing” to do in the automotive culture as of late, swapping the widely available Chevrolet V8 LS powerplant into anything that can contain an engine it seems. Sure there are the purists who scoff at the thought of putting a monstrous LS V8 into smaller and smaller chassis, but is it really as laughable as you may first think? Here’s a little food for thought before you immediately make up your mind.

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LS Engine Swaps

The weight. This is the biggest thing that people always point fault at; how much a motor that produces the numbers it does must weigh. But, with so many different variations and choices of components, it’s not nearly as bad as one would expect at first glance. We typically find the motors are anywhere from 50-120 lbs heavier than most of the motors we are pulling out. The lower end of the spectrum would be an all aluminum block, the higher end of the spectrum would be an iron block outfitted with aluminum heads. However, these weight differences generally come with power output being anywhere from 50hp-250hp more.

Reliability and maintenance are also factors that have to be considered. The LS series of motors are extremely well versed in this area. With less physical mechanical parts in the engine, elimination of variable toothed gears and several chains, along with the use of a single camshaft in the block, these motors are ultra reliable due to less chance of mechanical failure. Add to that the robust way they are built and how efficiently they flow air internally, and you have a recipe for success. Being a motor that GM has improved on over the years, they are now able to prove complexity in a motor may not always be the most efficient, nor effective way.
Ls swaps are also becoming very mainstream in Motorsports, which is great for the “average” consumer these days. Teams and companies are testing, developing, and fine tuning mounting solutions, forced induction, along with drivetrain modifications in the form of adapter plates and custom clutch kits. This is hugely beneficial for the mainstream, as these parts make there way into general production. A huge contributor to this as of late has been the Formula Drift Series. It’s very commonplace for the drivers to have these V8 engines in everything from Import to European chassis’, and seeing 4 digit power numbers isn’t uncommon at that level of competition. Contact us today and let us show you how an LS series motor may very well change your perspective, and the performance of your car in a very drastic way!