BMW Walnut Blasting

We offer the beneficial BMW Walnut Blast Service. This service is most beneficial for the BMW N54 and N55 engines, let’s take a closer look at what exactly is involved.


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This is a picture taken from the intake ports of a motor with just under 100,000 kms on it. You can clearly see the deposits built up on the back of the valve. This can cause poor sealing, loss of compression, and in some cases even engine misfires.

In older generation cars the fuel injector was placed in the intake runner, before the valve. By injecting the fuel in this manner it doubled as a way to clean the back of the valves. With newer direct injection technology, the injector tip is now located inside of the cylinder, so this cleaning has to be taken care of in a different manner.

Media BlasterWalnut Blaster

Here at Haute AG, this is the system that we use to restore engine performance. We have a pressure pot that is fed with regulated compressed air. We then have a mildly abrasive media of crushed walnuts.The walnut shells are specifically chosen to remove the deposits without causing any damage to the cylinder head or valves. lastly we use a a shop vac to remove the media as soon as it is expelled from the gun. The process takes a few hours to complete, and the intake manifold gaskets are replaced after the service.

Our clients have reported immediate engine response improvement, along with performance gains throughout the RPM range. So, if you are experiencing lackluster performance out of your twin turbo BMW, or have more than 55,000 kms, give us a call today and let us show you the difference our Walnut Blasting service can make!