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Machine used for alignments in CalgaryWheel Alignments in Calgary

One of the most critical aspects of your vehicle’s lifespan and its performance in Calgary Alberta is its alignment. How your vehicle responds to road conditions, its cornering capabilities, or how long your tires last are all adversely affected by an improper wheel alignment. Here at Haute AG in Calgary we not only recognize this importance, but we are professionally trained and have the necessary equipment to give you the maximum life out of your tires and suspension components. We offer 4 wheel alignments for all major makes and models. We also do performance  wheel alignments in Calgary and specialize in PorscheBMWMercedes, Audi, and Mini. Featuring a top of the line Hunter DSP600 Digital Imaging Aligner, we’ll get the job done right. We also provide you with a full before and after, color printout of your vehicles’ alignment angles.

Not to forget about your performance and aftermarket needs, Haute AG will be offering full custom alignments in Calgary for those looking to hit the track or just wanting a custom stance. We have a very long approach to our alignment rack, along with low profile ramps so we can fit the lowest of cars safely onto our machine. We understand the need and want of car enthusiasts to set they’re suspension geometry to whatever you like, and were happy to oblige. No longer will you be told by a shop they can “only set your vehicle to factory specification.” As long as you understand the handling and tire wear characteristics will be different afterward, we’re fine to provide whatever measurements you want! So, contact us today, and see how Haute AG can assist with your needs.

Wheel Alignment Services in Calgary:

  • Wheel alignment check – $50
  • Standard wheel alignment – Starting at $145
  • Custom/performance wheel alignment – $120/hour
  • Ride height/coilover adjustment and alignment – $120/hour

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  • Tires will last longer with factory alignment specification
  • Keep warranty coverage, as wheel alignments in Calgary are required for factory vehicle maintenance
  • Minimize wear on suspension components
  • Better fuel mileage
  • Better handling and performance (can be further increased with custom specifications
  • drive a lowered car with no rubbing and improved handling
  • Safer vehicle operation
  • Save money long term by preventing unnecessary wear on the vehicle and components

Contact us today and see how Haute AG can assist with your wheel alignment needs in Calgary.