Project Tireslayer is Running!

Well, we managed to get the Infiniti G35 LS Swap fired up, ensured everything was comfortable inside the new chassis, and finally got this beast out onto the pavement. We are tuning this car with HP Tuners, a very popular tuning platform for the GM ECU’s. After doing a few pulls and cleaning up our tune, the Infiniti was running like a champ. While constantly viewing the engine parameters, it was time to break in all the mechanical components. The engine compression rings were seated by driving under various loads and rpm ranges. Heavy engine braking is ideal for this, along with gradually increasing acceleration load. After about an hour we headed back to the shop to give everything a thorough once over.

Once we had the car in the air, we checked over all mounting hardware, suspension supports and braces, and ensured no fluid leaks were present. We made sure that the levels were proper after the vehicle’s systems had burped themselves, and that everything was functioning as intended. We did a fresh oil change at this point, and saved a litre of the drained oil to be tested at a later date. After everything was buttoned up, it was back to putting more miles on the car.


After accumulating just over 1000 road driven kilometres on the car, we had no major issues and everything seemed to be settling into the chassis quite nicely. We haven’t fully tuned for power at this time, mainly because we were waiting on the arrival of a smaller supercharger pulley, which will generate significantly more boost. Sometime after the installation we will be starting to tune for power and see what our boosted V8 will produce to the tires.


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Infiniti G35 V8 Swap Progress

Hey guys and gals, it’s been awhile since we last checked in with you all, but let me tell you it wasn’t from lack of progress. Haute AG has been insanely busy on both the service and performance side of things.

Our project G35 LS swap has been going great, and we’re hoping to have it running within the next few weeks. Last time we checked in the motor was getting a teardown, along with some serious, fresh parts. We sent the engine block out for a complete acid wash to clean all of the oil and coolant ports, along with any other debris that may have accumulated over its lifetime. Now that we were starting with a clean slate, it was time to treat this motor right. A brand new set of engine bearings was installed after polishing and balancing the crankshaft. We blueprinted the new piston compression rings to have larger ring gaps. As we have decided this beast needs some added power- we’ve opted to go with a Magnuson supercharger for some forced induction. Because you can never have enough power, right? To compliment the boost, we went with a custom Brian Tooley Racing camshaft, along with new supporting hardware. Lingenfelter dual titanium valve springs, Comp pushrods, and fresh guides/seals finished up the top end of the build.

Supercharged 6L LS

Now that the heart of the beast is up to par, it’s time to get the rest of the car ready. We had the transmission sent out to receive a custom shifter setup, and were having Driveline Specialties locally make us a 100% custom aluminum driveshaft. On the chassis side of things, we’ve installed an Aeromotive Stealth fuel system, with full braided stainless AN lines to and from the tank to feed our supercharged 6 litre. A fresh coat of paint for the engine bay just to make the motor pop, and we’re ready to drop the drivetrain in once we receive the transmission and driveshaft.

We did manage to get the car down to Driven 2015, a popular car show in Calgary, AB to see some of the reactions to the build. It was very well received for the most part, with a select few haters of course. Stay tuned for the next phase of assembly, and join us as we prepare to finally hit the key, and the streets. As always, feel free to call, click, or come in to Haute AG anytime.

Driven 2015 G35


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LS2 Engine Teardown and Checkover

We’ve been making some serious headway here at Haute AG with our project builds. Last time we featured or G35, it was in tear down mode. Well it’s still in pieces, however we’ve been breathing some new life into our heart transplant, our GM LS2. First order of business was to see what condition the motor was in, which meant getting into it. So out came the gloves and wrenches, and we were quite happy with what we found. We immediately started with a leak down test to see the general condition of the cylinders, a leak down test is also a maintenance check we recommend to our customers. Now, it was not a 100% true test as the motor should be at operating temp to do a full leak down, but we can use our best judgement and get in the ballpark at least. Results were decent, with about 80% of the leakage being through the valve train rather than bottom end. This was a great start.



<– LS motor before we did any work on it. It’ll be the last time it looks like this we assure you.



Cylinder leak down test in progress. We were surprised with the results being so good, however it’s all still coming apart ——>


So, next step was to remove the cylinder heads and see what was happening further down. Once removed we were once again surprised. Other than some of the head gasket material on the heads and block, everything seemed to be in great condition overall. This is just one more testament to the awesomeness of the LS series of motors. After 239,000+ kms, our engine was only showing general wear and tear. So, the cylinder heads were treated to a full disassembly, cleaning, milling, and some performance hardware in the way of Lingenfelter dual valve springs, new valves, guides, seals, etc. We also purchased some layered metal head gaskets, cleaned the block surfaces, and equipped it with some heavy duty ARP hardware to hold those heads down, no matter what we plan on putting this motor through. We offer similiar internal engine parts to increase the performance of your vehicle. Our next segment will feature the motor reassembly, and we may even have the new powerplant in the chassis.. Stay tuned for more details and progress we make with this build, and the others we currently have underway at Haute AG.



As always, feel free to contact us with any questions about our builds or products.


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Teardown 101


It is something that is often overlooked. Planning your performance project right from the get-go is key to success. The biggest thing to stress throughout a build of this magnitude is cleanliness and organization. If this is your first time getting elbow deep into your car, label EVERYTHING. It’s easier to  over-label connectors, hoses, and lines, than it is to return to your build and not have a clue where they all go. It’s all about the little details that make a swap come together in the end. Organizational storage bins, magnetic trays, and even a ziplock bag with a sharpie can turn out to be some of your best friends.

Draining Fluids

As we begin disassembly of our project G35, the first thing is to drain all fluids. This will prevent you from getting a coolant bath or being doused with oil right in the middle of a task. On average, if your concentration is broken on a single task, it takes the average person 12-15 minutes to regain the focus to the point where you left off. Add more time if you need a change of clothing, etc. whether you are maintaining or upgrading, drain those fluids. Fluid changes only help with longevity of a vehicles systems, and are a part of regular maintenance anyways, so this is a double benefit really.



We will be removing the entire drivetrain. For this reason, we opted to remove the entire front crash support section to  open up the engine bay and give us unobstructed access. Use your best judgement in this case, and disassemble to the point required to complete the task.
G35 350Z front clip removal

Come back next week where we’ll be removing the entire driveline and supporting components.

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What really goes into a project build?

In this new multi-part series, Haute AG will cover some of the ins and outs of tackling a project build. Whether it’s your first car and you’re looking to make some minor changes or you want to build a full street slaying/track ready car, we will show you some of the planning, preparation, and physical work it takes to become a reality.
We will be referencing one of our project vehicles throughout these blogs, which happens to be a 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe. However, all of these principles can be applied to any vehicle. Performance is one thing, and we’re just as much about big numbers here at Haute AG, but functionality and how a car behaves on the street is another. This car is intended to be drive-able on and off the track, so we will display options and parts that allow this to be possible. Please feel free to provide feedback, or contact any of our technicians with questions. We will be more than happy to answer them!

G35 LSX Swap


In this build, a full motor swap will be covered, along with building an engine and what it takes to “refresh” a motor. We will be putting a Chevrolet 6.0L iron block into the car, with some go fast goodies of course, along with converting/adapting the stock 6 speed transmission (CD009) to mate to the LS motor. We will also cover clutch options and how to choose what’s right for your setup, fuel system modifications, suspension, and brakes. Then we’ll check in with our partners at Unobtainium Welding towards the end of the build, and display some of their amazing custom handy work as they let the V8 beast breathe smoothly.

Stay tuned for updates on this, and some of our other builds!


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