BMW M3 Turbo Introduction

BMW M3 Turbo 1

Haute AG here, coming at you again with another project kickoff announcement! Hopefully you followed and liked our Project G35 LS build, now it’s time to announce our next Euro oriented build! Introducing Project BMW M3 Turbo. We will be doing a full custom Borg Warner turbocharger, along with an AEM Infinity stand alone ECU management system. We will take you through the build process with detailed pictures and commentary.  


This vehicle originally started life as a simple yet clean BMW M3. When the latest owner got his hands on it, all of that quickly changed. The car was equipped with a wide body Flossman kit, bolt in cage, and an Active Autowerke supercharger kit. The car saw many track days, including a showing at M Fest. As it seems to go with all enthusiasts, however, the owner soon realized he needed more power.  You can see the previous iteration of this car, in the PAS Mag Feature HERE and the Illmotion Feature HERE


After the engine is this set up blew a piston, it was time to set ourselves apart, we chose to go with a custom top mounted turbo setup. Most guys with an M go with the HPF bottom mount kit, which are great systems as well. However we wanted to challenge ourselves, and be the first to successfully install the largest EFR series turbocharger Borg Warner makes, the EFR9180. So, after some careful planning we figured it should all fit, then we got to ordering a custom turbo manifold, along with an intake manifold and intercooler.
Stay tuned as we make headway through this exciting build, and bring you current pictures/descriptions as we transform this M into a turbocharged monster!

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