BMW M3 and M4 Coding Day

Saturday was a busy day at Haute AG Headquarters in Calgary Alberta, as we hosted numerous BMW M3’s and M4’s in our bay. Bimmerpost members got together at Haute AG to allow us to perform custom module coding on their vehicles. Module coding can allow vehicle owners to unlock features of their vehicles that may be locked due to various reasons, such as government standards, packages, dealerships etc.

BMW M4 Coding

Some features we were able to unlock include: keeping exhaust valves open all the time, unlocking the office feature, controlling door handle lights to switch on with reverse, adaptive LED lights, unlocking the Euro MDM feature.

Overall I think everyone was very happy with the results! Here are a few pics from the day.

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BMW M4 CodingIMG_0468BMW M4 Sakhir Orange

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