Infiniti G35 V8 Swap Progress

Hey guys and gals, it’s been awhile since we last checked in with you all, but let me tell you it wasn’t from lack of progress. Haute AG has been insanely busy on both the service and performance side of things.

Our project G35 LS swap has been going great, and we’re hoping to have it running within the next few weeks. Last time we checked in the motor was getting a teardown, along with some serious, fresh parts. We sent the engine block out for a complete acid wash to clean all of the oil and coolant ports, along with any other debris that may have accumulated over its lifetime. Now that we were starting with a clean slate, it was time to treat this motor right. A brand new set of engine bearings was installed after polishing and balancing the crankshaft. We blueprinted the new piston compression rings to have larger ring gaps. As we have decided this beast needs some added power- we’ve opted to go with a Magnuson supercharger for some forced induction. Because you can never have enough power, right? To compliment the boost, we went with a custom Brian Tooley Racing camshaft, along with new supporting hardware. Lingenfelter dual titanium valve springs, Comp pushrods, and fresh guides/seals finished up the top end of the build.

Supercharged 6L LS

Now that the heart of the beast is up to par, it’s time to get the rest of the car ready. We had the transmission sent out to receive a custom shifter setup, and were having Driveline Specialties locally make us a 100% custom aluminum driveshaft. On the chassis side of things, we’ve installed an Aeromotive Stealth fuel system, with full braided stainless AN lines to and from the tank to feed our supercharged 6 litre. A fresh coat of paint for the engine bay just to make the motor pop, and we’re ready to drop the drivetrain in once we receive the transmission and driveshaft.

We did manage to get the car down to Driven 2015, a popular car show in Calgary, AB to see some of the reactions to the build. It was very well received for the most part, with a select few haters of course. Stay tuned for the next phase of assembly, and join us as we prepare to finally hit the key, and the streets. As always, feel free to call, click, or come in to Haute AG anytime.

Driven 2015 G35


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