LS2 Engine Teardown and Checkover

We’ve been making some serious headway here at Haute AG with our project builds. Last time we featured or G35, it was in tear down mode. Well it’s still in pieces, however we’ve been breathing some new life into our heart transplant, our GM LS2. First order of business was to see what condition the motor was in, which meant getting into it. So out came the gloves and wrenches, and we were quite happy with what we found. We immediately started with a leak down test to see the general condition of the cylinders, a leak down test is also a maintenance check we recommend to our customers. Now, it was not a 100% true test as the motor should be at operating temp to do a full leak down, but we can use our best judgement and get in the ballpark at least. Results were decent, with about 80% of the leakage being through the valve train rather than bottom end. This was a great start.



<– LS motor before we did any work on it. It’ll be the last time it looks like this we assure you.



Cylinder leak down test in progress. We were surprised with the results being so good, however it’s all still coming apart ——>


So, next step was to remove the cylinder heads and see what was happening further down. Once removed we were once again surprised. Other than some of the head gasket material on the heads and block, everything seemed to be in great condition overall. This is just one more testament to the awesomeness of the LS series of motors. After 239,000+ kms, our engine was only showing general wear and tear. So, the cylinder heads were treated to a full disassembly, cleaning, milling, and some performance hardware in the way of Lingenfelter dual valve springs, new valves, guides, seals, etc. We also purchased some layered metal head gaskets, cleaned the block surfaces, and equipped it with some heavy duty ARP hardware to hold those heads down, no matter what we plan on putting this motor through. We offer similiar internal engine parts to increase the performance of your vehicle. Our next segment will feature the motor reassembly, and we may even have the new powerplant in the chassis.. Stay tuned for more details and progress we make with this build, and the others we currently have underway at Haute AG.



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