BMW M3 and M4 Coding Day

Saturday was a busy day at Haute AG Headquarters in Calgary Alberta, as we hosted numerous BMW M3’s and M4’s in our bay. Bimmerpost members got together at Haute AG to allow us to perform custom module coding on their vehicles. Module coding can allow vehicle owners to unlock features of their vehicles that may be locked due to various reasons, such as government standards, packages, dealerships etc.

BMW M4 Coding

Some features we were able to unlock include: keeping exhaust valves open all the time, unlocking the office feature, controlling door handle lights to switch on with reverse, adaptive LED lights, unlocking the Euro MDM feature.

Overall I think everyone was very happy with the results! Here are a few pics from the day.

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BMW M4 CodingIMG_0468BMW M4 Sakhir Orange

Brixton Forged Wheels

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Brixton Wheels Company!

The Brixton Collection focuses on relentless attention to detail throughout the design, engineering and production phases of their forged wheel line. Delivering the finest, light-weight performance wheel in its class, their performance-inspired philosophy has driven them to surpass the limitations defined by traditional wheel companies. Using the worlds most respected milling machines, their forged wheels are handcrafted from the highest quality Aerospace Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum and incorporate low-density, high strength titanium details that set them apart from the rest. Starting with the highest quality materials, each Brixton Forged wheel is authentically designed, engineered and manufactured exclusively for you.

Brixton Wheels BlackHaute AG - Brixton WheelsBrixton Wheels RedBrixton Wheels R8



Teardown 101


It is something that is often overlooked. Planning your performance project right from the get-go is key to success. The biggest thing to stress throughout a build of this magnitude is cleanliness and organization. If this is your first time getting elbow deep into your car, label EVERYTHING. It’s easier to  over-label connectors, hoses, and lines, than it is to return to your build and not have a clue where they all go. It’s all about the little details that make a swap come together in the end. Organizational storage bins, magnetic trays, and even a ziplock bag with a sharpie can turn out to be some of your best friends.

Draining Fluids

As we begin disassembly of our project G35, the first thing is to drain all fluids. This will prevent you from getting a coolant bath or being doused with oil right in the middle of a task. On average, if your concentration is broken on a single task, it takes the average person 12-15 minutes to regain the focus to the point where you left off. Add more time if you need a change of clothing, etc. whether you are maintaining or upgrading, drain those fluids. Fluid changes only help with longevity of a vehicles systems, and are a part of regular maintenance anyways, so this is a double benefit really.



We will be removing the entire drivetrain. For this reason, we opted to remove the entire front crash support section to  open up the engine bay and give us unobstructed access. Use your best judgement in this case, and disassemble to the point required to complete the task.
G35 350Z front clip removal

Come back next week where we’ll be removing the entire driveline and supporting components.

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